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Arizona law categorizes drug possession charges depending on the type of controlled substance the defendant allegedly possessed. These categories include marijuana possession, possession of a dangerous substance, and possession of narcotics. Drug charges are often classified as felonies, though the class of felony will depend on the type and amount of the substance involved. There are several charges that could accompany a simple possession charge, depending on the specific circumstances of your arrest. These additional charges might include possession with intent to distribute, possession of drug paraphernalia, or possession for sale.

Penalties for possession charges vary, and may include fines or jail time depending on the amount and type of substance. In some cases, first-time offenders may be able to avoid jail time through deferred prosecution programs. An experienced Phoenix drug crime lawyer can determine whether you qualify for such a program, and fight for lighter sentencing on your behalf.


What does it mean to manufacture drugs in Arizona? Essentially, state law permits prosecution against those who produce, process, or otherwise make illegal substances. Simply possessing the chemicals needed with the intent to manufacture drugs is illegal. Like possession charges, many drug manufacturing charges are felonies. The class of felony (or misdemeanor) depends on the type of substance made. For example, manufacturing dangerous drugs like methamphetamine or LSD is a serious class 2 felony. A first-time charge for illegally manufacturing a prescription drug is generally only a class 1 misdemeanor. Upon conviction, penalties for manufacturing charges vary from probation to fines to jail time.


Drug trafficking charges are perhaps some of the most serious drug charges under Arizona law. Manufacturing, possessing, and transporting illegal substances can result in drug trafficking charges. In addition to facing a state felony charge for drug trafficking, a defendant may also face federal drug charges in some cases. Arizona law is particularly strict on trafficking penalties, and a defendant may face a mandatory minimum prison sentence. Like all drug crimes, trafficking charges and subsequent penalties will depend on the circumstances of the case.

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